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 Islands Information

Place: Cyprus Greece

An Overview of Cyprus   by Donna Critchley

Cyprus (meaning Copper from the Latin name Kuprum) has had its history traced back over 9,000 years. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks became very interested in Cyprus because of its abundance of copper and other minerals. It has always had Country settlers there from Greeks to Romans, Lebanese and British. The latest course of history was in 1974 when Turkey decided it wanted the North. It is now called the Northern Territory. The inhabitants were given only a few hours to leave their homes so many of the belongings were left where they stood. Even today if you know where to look, you can see a rusty old car with its front door open, just as the owner left. The beautiful island of Cyprus has a wealth of amazing places to visit and scenery to view. Along with its forests, mountains, coastlines and beaches there are places of historical and archaeological importance.

Further inland there are the Troodos Mountains with vast area of vines and forests. It is an absolute marvel to see. It boasts the highest amount of grapes produced for the size of the land. The mountains are great to get out of the heat and feel the cool air. The nights have an aroma of pine trees and wild herbs. There are a number of plants that can only grow in Cyprus, so is worth the visit for that alone. The valleys are very fruitful bearing almonds, cherry, apple, pear and plum. They have quaint little villages scattered around, that haven't changed. To go into the heart of a village and taste the wines and experience their hospitality is amazing. . The south west end of Cyprus has developed into its own, especially Paphos. It is still as old world as it used to be. A quaint town without the bustle of a holiday resort. It does have an area of hotels but has a 5 to 10 minute walk away from the main town. It is a great location and area for viewing the harbour and beaches. There are two beaches that are very attractive, which lay half way between Limassol and Paphos.These are Evdimou (which has a bar) and Pissouri (which has a hotel complex). Up on the North Coast lies the little town Polis with Latchi nearby. Latchi is a harbour town and often serves swordfish straight from the sea. It boasts a most beautiful beach. Further along the coast lies the place where Aphrodite used to bathe. Its name is Fontana Amorosa that means a foaming spring.

In the south east lies another little town named Aiya Napa. It is an historical fishing village which combines so much versatility without changing the old world style.

Cyprus is only a short cruise or plane ride to so many other countries such as Egypt, Rhodes and Lebanon. This breaks any holiday up, to have a holiday within a holiday! Cyprus has a very long hot summer and a short mild winter. (Jeans and cardigan weather without coat) In my view Cyprus is one of the most versatile islands which enjoys the beauty of nature, mythology, architecture, with a generous welcome to all.

A tourist guide to Cyprus, Paphos, The Mayfair Hotel, and our apartment within.

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