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 Islands Information

Place: Dublin Ireland

The heart of the Emerald Island
By Constance Blair

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is an ancient city, founded in 841 AD by Vikings. Its rise began much later, in XVIII century under the influence of the English Crown. It’s no surprise that Irish Dublin looks a lot like many English cities – with its division to business and commercial centers, with its fashionable districts with wide streets and houses of unmistakable Georgian style.

Dublin has always been the heart of Ireland, its cultural and political centre and it’s the most British city on the island. The most impressive attractions of Dublin were built by the English – Trinity College, Dublin Castle and Ireland National Gallery.

Ireland has survived hard times when a lot of Irish let the country escaping from the hanger and poverty. Now Dublin is a modern busy city where hotels, restaurants and pubs are always overcrowded. Dublin is considered to be the city of youth – the average age of its citizens is 27. The symbol of Dublin, like of the whole Ireland is its beer – Guinness. You can taste it in every Irish bar and even visit Guinness brewery. Dublin boast its intense night life and its bars are open till morning.

There 2 key dates in Dublin calendar – 17th March when Dublin, Ireland and the whole world celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day. The Day of the saint patron of Ireland has become the day of the Irish culture in the world. This day everyone should be dressed in green, sing Irish songs, drink Irish beer and so on.

The other great Dublin holiday is Bloomsday – 16th June. This day is devoted to celebration in honor of James Joyce and his novel “Ulysses”. The holiday is called after Leopold Bloom, the main character of the novel. Festive processions come through the whole city according to the route described by Joyce.

Other days of the year Dublin also has a lot to offer. In the centre of the city stands Trinity College, the first and the main Irish University. It’s the major sightseeing of Dublin. All Dublin roads lead to Trinity College. The University was built in 1592, but the original building was destroyed and the most ancient parts of the structure date back to XVIII century. Dublin Castle for a long time has been the residence of the British administration. The original castle was destroyed by the fire and the present building was established in XVIII century.

If you turn a little bit away from the usual tourist routes you will see not so glamour Dublin with trash on the streets and gloomy houses. These places remind of the hard period in Dublin history.

When you leave Dublin and see countryside mellows, hills and small cozy houses you understand why Ireland was called an Emerald Island.

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