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 Islands Information

Place: Kola Kauai Hawaii

A Koloa Vacation Rental Just for You
By Caitlin Moore

Because thatís just the way you are, youíve already decided that your upcoming vacation will take place on the green, luscious, lovely island of Kauai in Hawaii. The only things youíve yet to pencil in are the exact details of your accommodations. Youíd like to be nearby a handful of tourist sites, but youíd also like to enjoy some privacy at the end of the day (or when a nap attack threatens to set in). The organized, time-saving, and basically smart thing to do would be to reserve yourself a vacation rental in the heart of one of Kauaiís most beautiful regions. Hint: consider Koloa.

For you, a recently refurnished, tastefully decorated town home located in the heart of Poipu resort area should do the trick. This is the sunny, dry, southern side of Kauai, and its features couldnít be more ideal for creating the kind of vacation you seek. The average temperature is 78, the trade winds are at your service, and youíll be within walking distance of beaches, shopping, restaurants, golf courses, and historic landmarks.

If this doesnít sound like the makings of a fine getaway, then youíre a pretty tough one to please. Most people would find lodging that is named ďPlace of the GodsĒ to be quite acceptable, especially when you take into consideration the breathtaking view of Shipwreck Beach. Donít worry, there arenít actually broken-up vessels strewn about this stretch of shoreline, so nothing will impede your enjoyment of the smooth sand and gentle surf.

Spend some time in the water, as you probably donít usually get to snorkel, swim, and float during a usual day at the office. Acquaint yourself with some friendly fish, take a few pictures to show your jealous friends later on, and order a pina colada and sip it as you thread your toes through the pearly white sand. Itíll taste a little better that way.

For more scenarios that will later serve as images for your relaxation techniques (remember the cocktails-on-the-beach the next time youíre stuck in traffic), you wonít have to try very hard. Charter a boat to do some whale watching. Go for a stroll through the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Book a hot stone massage at the nearby spa. Invite your partner out to the lanai in time to watch the sun go down. The choices are both endless and endlessly impressive.

Youíll be glad that you chose Kauai because it has a little bit of everything, just as Koloa has a little bit of all thatís good about Kauai. Itís like youíve taken a large scale project (going to Hawaii) and scaled it down to a manageable level (staying in one of Hawaiiís best vacation rentals in a prime region). Good job, you. Every morning as you greet a new day, youíll feel perfectly justified in congratulating yourself for your hard work.

And it really wasnít that hard. Itís fairly easy to check out the vacation properties that are available, just go online, look at the stats, and ogle the pretty pictures. There will certainly be a handful that will jump out at you, and the hard part will be narrowing it down to one lucky home that gets to welcome you into its walls.

We all have our own little likes and dislikes when it comes to vacationing, so donít be shy about going for what you really want. A Polynesian dťcor might make you smile or make you squirm, so check it out beforehand and youíll end up happy.

Grills, internet access, ironing boards, and any other amenity you can imagine tend to be pretty standard for most Koloa vacation rentals, so prepare to feel pampered and to dread the day of your return to normal life. Ignore that feeling if you can, however, and enjoy every minute of your holiday. Youíre lucky that youíre able to venture out to such a blessed locale, and the fact that youíre taking a little time to properly plan things out is a good sign.

In other words, your trip is going to be magnificent, and you deserve it. Book your Koloa Vacation Rental, pack up the essentials, and wave goodbye to your worries for a few days. Hawaii here you come.

Visit to choose the vacation rental youíve been dreaming about.