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 Islands Information

Place: Maui

Maui Vacation Rentals By Caitlin Moore

Going to Maui is a smart thing to do, especially if youíre looking to breathe a little easier, walk with a lighter step, and smile only when you want to (not when one of your co-workers makes a bad joke). The hundreds of Maui vacation rentals that exist out there will aid you in your journey towards mapping out a killer trip, so hopefully youíll be prepared to watch the mainland disappear after youíve spent a little time researching your options.

If youíve never taken advantage of a vacation rental before, donít let another mediocre hotel divert your attention away from a more complete and charming experience. Not that thereís anything wrong with sticking to whatís tried and true, but sometimes itís necessary to break out of your usual habit and put yourself out there.

You never know what you may discover; be it the chance to ponder the meaning of life as you sit on your private lanai, or the delight youíll take in reconnecting with your significant other after youíve politely excluded the rest of the world from your conversations for a few days. Both would be welcome changes from your usual routine, and both would likely happen if you rented a vacation home located just off the beaten path.

Maui is brimming with such properties, luckily for you. From Wailea to Lahaina, Haiku to Hana, hundreds of cottages, beach hideaways, and sparkly condos exist to make your trip a special one. You might even be spoiled by the details you encounter, as not everyone is fortunate enough to have granite countertops and floor-to-ceiling windows at home. Since youíre coming all the way across the ocean, you might as well live it up, right? Just think of all the early mornings and late nights youíve been working, and realize how much you deserve this vacation.

While in Maui, you probably have several things youíll want to do based on what youíve seen and heard about this magical isle. The Hana Highway caught your attention, as did hearing talk of the presence of migrating humpback whales. Inland youíll find botanical gardens and rainforests, but youíll doubtlessly fall under the spell of the waves and the ocean breezes for the bulk of this trip. Youíre all set to hit the road and see the sights, taking in a few good meals and sweet cocktails on the way, of course. All in all, youíll surely find that Maui was a good choice.

Your vacation rental, chosen based on your top sightseeing priorities, will allow you to stroll, walk, or take a short drive to wherever it is that you want to go. Many villa-dwellers end up staying pretty close to home base, and this doesnít imply laziness or close-mindedness in any way. Itís perfectly reasonable to experience Hawaii from your tropical garden, your patio hot tub, or your queen-sized bed that faces the kind of scene that postcard photographers are paid to seek out.

Maui has plenty of natural, untouched beauty and spots of beach that are pretty quiet, but it also has tourist villages that have been created to meet your souvenir, dining, and activity needs. Basically, for whatever your traveling style happens to be, roughing it or ultimate luxury, youíll feel comfortable here. Itís probably best to mix it up by experiencing both sides of the coin. That way, you can have a few peaceful moments without feeling cut off from the celebratory atmosphere of the island.

Do what you want while youíre here, but consider incorporating a vacation rental into your plans. Youíll feel that youíve been spirited away to another world with the companion or companions of your choice, and the comforts of home (if not a few more) will aid you in your quest for utter relaxation.

A number of Maui Vacation Rentals can be viewed online, so take a few moments from your busy schedule for a sneak preview of your upcoming getaway. This vision will surely spur you on towards the ultimate reward, so donít delay another minute. is an extensive marketplace for vacation rentals located all over the world.