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 Islands Information

Place: St. George Island Florida

A Fabulous Escape to St George Island, Florida by Aryanah Kristov

St. George Island, a cozy and small town that still holds on to its past has a unique atmosphere that can momentarily transport you to an idyllic state of relaxation and make you forget about office meetings and daily errands. Enjoy yourself in the stunning beaches, blue waters and mouth-watering Southern cuisine. This barrier island in Franklin County has many great qualities for a fun and memorable beach destination.

Budget Vacation
St. George Island rentals are very affordable especially when costs are shared among individuals in a group or among families. The comforts of a big and spacious home with many bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a kitchen, recreation area and sometimes a private pool can outrival any hotel wherein space is limited and rates turn out to be more expensive. The total rent and food expenses can be easily and equally divided among guests. The kitchen is available so you can prepare your meals and control your budget. Choose from a range of St. George Island rentals and find yourself just steps away from the bay or beach.

A Great Backdrop for All Occasions
St. George Island is an ideal place for romantic wedding venues. Destination weddings are becoming very common here. Many couples get married in a casual and private setting on the shores especially during sunset. Several St. George Island rentals also permit weddings and receptions on the home. With an excellent theme and lovely decorating, the place can easily be transformed into a romantic venue.

In addition to weddings, vacation rentals are also nice places to hold birthday parties, wedding showers, barbecue get-togethers and family reunions. It is a great place to fit in business or corporate meetings and seminars with a beach vacation.

St. George Island State Park
Be amazed with the abundant wildlife in St. George Island State Park. Take the time to marvel at the lovely sand dunes and lush vegetation found in this undeveloped paradise. Swimming, sunbathing, canoeing, kayaking and camping are the most sought-after forms of recreation as well as hiking and biking in the park?s trails. Furthermore, the state park is ideal for picnics with the family.

Sports and Pastimes
St. George Island provides different opportunities for sports enthusiasts to try on activities such as diving, water skiing, ultimate Frisbee, beach volleyball and beach jogging. Kids can participate in light activities such as sandcastle building contests, treasure hunting, shelling and horseback riding.

Seafood Indulgence
Forget about your diet while on vacation. Being in a new place is the perfect opportunity to sample the cuisine. Franklin County has the most succulent oysters in the US and oystering is still the oldest and one of the main sources of revenue in this part of Florida. Besides oysters, shrimps, scallops and fish are just as delicious and can even be cooked by a chef according to your preference at your St. George Island rental. On a hot afternoon, stop by Aunt Ebby?s Ice Cream or Old Time Soda Fountain for some dessert!

Reward yourself and your loved ones with a relaxing and fun vacation in St George Island! This unhurried charming town in the Forgotten Coast may just be the perfect place to rejuvenate your body and soul!

Discover what?s in store for you in the stunning beaches of St. George Island . Unwind in this hidden paradise and experience nature at its finest. Choose from a selection of St. George Island rentals . Amenities are indicated as well as homes that accommodate pets.