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 Islands Information

Place: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dining in a Nutshell
by Jeremy Lee

Hong Kong has a world of exquisite, mouth-watering dining options. If you can't find anything to your liking to eat in Hong Kong, your palate has suffered a stroke and died years ago. The variety and smell are endless, follow your taste buds to the exquisite tastes of the orient, or just a plain old burger down in LKF.

As you would expect, good Chinese restaurants are found everywhere in Hong Kong. Some of the best can be found in major hotels and shopping complexes. Most specialize in one or more of the following: Cantonese, Chiu Chow, Hunan, Szechuan, Peking, Shanghainese or Chinese Vegetarian.

As an international city, many cultures and tastes are represented in Hong Kong's world of dining. Enjoy fine dining or casual family-style meals in some of Hong Kong's Eastern and Western restaurants.

Day and night, Hong Kong's gourmet delights are plentiful. Whether you want to pick up a snack or get dressed up for an evening out, Hong Kong has it all.

Some Chinese dishes are simple and others gourmet exotica, but all are designed to satisfy your senses. The most popular styles of Chinese cooking in Hong Kong are Cantonese, Chiu Chow and Shanghainese. Cantonese and Chiu Chow both originate from the same Chinese province of Guangdong but are vastly different in style and flavor. Many restaurants also specialize in vegetarian fare, famous Peking dishes and the zesty flavors of Hunan and Szechuan.

For the ultimate experience, indulge in a bottle of Chinese wine. In flavor and distillation process, these wines are completely different and definitely worth a try.

Hong Kong is the best place in the world to sample the dazzling variety of all Asian cuisine.

Other Asian Food the diversity of Asian influences in Hong Kong is reflected though the range of fantastic food. Try the spices of Thailand, the rich aromatic flavors of India, the delicacies of Japan and Korea or a whole range of Vietnamese cuisine. The cultures converge in Hong Kong, where it's possible to find every flavor and need, including a wide range of halal cuisine.

Western food, Every Western flavor imaginable is represented in Hong Kong, the gourmet paradise.

The question is not merely what you are going to eat, but where, as your taste buds can easily be transported to any other culinary region. French, Italian and German fare is widespread, along with Greek, Mexican and even California-style cuisine.

The city prides itself on its gourmet restaurants, pizzerias and American-style fast-food outlets. Chic cafes, intimate bistros, gourmet sandwich bars and delicatessen are the perfect place to relax and enjoy some stunning cuisine.

The bonus in many of Hong Kong's Western restaurants is their memorable location. Try, for example, Victoria Peak or a table overlooking a fishing harbor. Tantalize all your senses with bird's-eye panoramic views of Victoria Harbor, cosy downtown basements or the restaurants set among the city-centre's glades of trees.

Hong Kong teahouses are a fun way to dine, with a wide range of affordable snack food such as noodles, cakes, and desserts. Try yuen yeung, a 50-50 mixture of tea and coffee; bor law yau, a steaming hot sweet bun stuffed with melted butter, and daan tart, a tasty baked egg custard. Freshly cooked sliced fish or sliced beef congee, yau char gwai (a deep-fried dough), and wonton noodles are equally affordable local favorites. Just remember, when paying the bill, go to the front counter. Tipping is not required.

Hong Kong caters to every culinary desire, including a wide range of Hal Al food. Muslim visitors will have no difficulty in finding Hal Al food. However, some if not most of these outlets serve liquor. Muslim visitors are advised to enquire before patronizing

Familiar flavors of fast food are never too far away in Hong Kong.

Those who crave something familiar can find just about any kind of fast food - sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken and fish and chips, as well as ice cream and frozen yogurt.So if you are a westerner who is squeamish about dishes that move,or have eyes, fear not. There is more then ample supply of American fast foods and tastes to keep you hunger free for your entire stay. For more dining ideas visit our website located in the authors bio below...

About the Author
Jeremy is a travel writer and frequent traveler to Hong Kong. He is contributing author to and the series. For more in depth info on Hong Kong click on the links above.