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 Islands Information

Place: Jamaica

Jammin' in Jamaica
By Caitlin Moore

Known as an island with a dramatic history, a passionate spirit, and an ever-buoyant partying attitude, Jamaica is an exciting and eye-opening string of sights, sounds and flavors that stretches from Kingston to Montego Bay. Natural beauty plus engaging activities equals a spectacular vacation, so head this way for a freeing, fabulous time.

Jamaica is alive with color and energy throughout, so anywhere your vacation starts will set you off on the right track. For example, the bustling capital city of Kingston will show the gritty, realistic features of this islandís identity. For travelers in search of authenticity, this is the place to go. A center for commerce and business, parts of Kingston are admittedly overcrowded and unattractive, but if you stick with it a while, or even better, if you visit during one of the many yearly festivals, youíll find yourself steeped in a local climate that is fascinating, lively, and oh-so-different than anything youíve ever experienced before.

More typical tourist spots wonít disappoint as far as offering up the brochure-style pictures and movie-worthy sights. Blue Lagoon is one example, as itís likely that the stunning aqua depths of this pride of Jamaica have caught your eye before. Jacques Cousteau filmed here, as have a few Hollywood directors. The lagoon, or ďBlue HoleĒ as locals call it, is open to the public.

Another natural wonder is known as Cockpit Country, and consists of an imposing plateau formed from limestone. It is located in the central western part of the country, and the rocky, unusual terrain makes traveling above it via helicopter the best way to safely see all the ravines and ragged edges. Thrill-seekers can take a spelunking trip if they so desire, and bird-watchers and wildlife-lovers will find themselves in a veritable wonderland.

To experience a resort town that hasnít really lost touch with the ebb and flow of real life, consider a visit to Negril. Here, youíll be able to take advantage of the beach, the breeze, and the beverages to your heartís content, but you wonít be leaving the genuine article behind. Coral reefs and sunsets that stop everyone in their tracks will punctuate your stay in Negril, and laid-back locals will show you how life was meant to be lived. Take in a reggae concert while youíre here, and donít be afraid to forget all about the rigid rules of your usual routine.

The port city of Montego Bay is brimming with life, and makes another excellent place to take in the rockiní beat of this raw, robust country. MoBay is a magnet for tourists, as it is dotted with golf courses, resorts, museums, and happening beaches. Plenty of locals make it a hodgepodge of personalities and activities, so dive in for what is sure to be a stimulating experience.

If all of this, along with the heavy influences of rum, reggae, and Rastafarians, has your feet itching to feel the sands of Jamaica beneath their bare soles, then start planning a trip now. The experience will be shaped by where you stay, so as you go about making reservations keep a clear vision of your desired getaway in mind. If partying like a college student on spring break is your goal, a hotel will suit you just fine, but for more adult tastes, consider a vacation rental.

Imagine a beach side villa, decorated with seashells and furnishings made from native woods, that is located right on Negril beach. French doors lead to a deck that will give you front row seats to the sunset, and a kitchen will allow you to prepare cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to create the ultimate experience. Air conditioning and ceiling fans will keep you cool at night, but if the weather permits consider leaving the windows open in order to fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves.

Take a cheap taxi to explore the island, or simply amble down the beach towards the open-air markets to pick up some unique local goods. Your days will be filled with sweet, easy beats set to the tune of Jamaicaís favorite songs, so stay in the groove by treating yourself to a Jamaica Vacation Rental that will bring you no worries.

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