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 Islands Information

Place: Kodiak Island Alaska

Adventures on Kodiak Island Alaska
By Allen Walburn

Visitors to Alaska who travel to Kodiak Island are surprised to find the mulitude of exciting wilderness options that are available. From the moment you touch down in Kodiak you are surrounded by wilderness Alaska. Kodiak is most noted for the large population of Kodiak Brown Bears, the world's largest land carnivore. Polar bears are considered marine animals and only they are bigger. If you visit Kodiak you will not only have a great opportunity to see Brown bears in the wild but also several different speices of whales including humbacks and orcas. The Island also has an enormous population of Sitka Blacktail Deer, Foxes, Bald Eagles, Otters and many more, too numerous to mention.

If fishing is your passion no where is the fishing better or more diverse than on Kodiak. Steelhead and Rainbow Trout frequent many streams and share the waters seasonally with annual runs of Chinook, Pink, Coho and Chum Salmon. When you tire of stream fishing you can move into the salt water for barn door size halibut, rockfish and all of the salmon species. And to make your options more inviting crabs are plentiful around the island also. Check with Alaska Fish and Wildlife for sportfishing permits to catch King, Tanner and Dungeness Crabs. All crabs are are plentiful around Kodiak and can be caught in season with a recreational fishing license.

If you are a sportsman and looking for a diverse opportunity to sample wilderness at it's most exteme and best might I suggest a trip to Kodiak Island and one one the the local villagaes around the Island! Kodiak has a road system that covers over 100 miles. For people seeking more adventure flight seeing or a boat charter around the Island will fill the bill.

Don't forget to think of Kodiak Island when your adventure spirit begins to wander. Kodiak is the premier location for wilderness adventures.

For more information regarding adventure in Kodiak contact Allen Walburn through his website.

Allen Walburn has been a U.S. Coast Guard licensed master of power vessels up to 100 tons for 30 years. He has operated A&B Charters from the Naples City Dock since 1977. Recently he has become managing partner for Alaska's Kodiak Island resort.

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