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 Islands Information


Mexico's Caribbean Coast has become a top vacation destination over the past few years. What attracts most visitors to the area is the many mega-resort properties that line Highway 307 from Cancun to Tulum, also referred to as the Riviera Maya. People are lured by the miles of beaches, clear turquoise sea, and the ability to leave their wallets in the hotel safe for a week for an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday. Unfortunately, if you never leave the resort, you miss out on experiencing the culture and beauty of the Mexican more »

Things to See and Do in Mexico -- Mexico is a big and old country. Everyone can find something interesting in this land. Ancient pyramids and temples, big modern megapolises and tropical resorts – it’s all here waiting for you to more »

Cancun is on the northeastern corner of the Yucatán Peninsula, which is the far eastern bit of Mexico that sticks out into the Caribbean.

Cancun itself is really two parts: the beach, which is a barrier island that's about 25 kilometres long and lined with hotels, and the downtown area just over the bridge from the beach on the mainland.

Cancun is a little odd because it's so new--the first roads were laid down in the early 1970s. So the downtown area doesn't have any big "sights" or colonial buildings, but it's very pleasant, with a lot of parks and good things to eat.

The beaches are incredibly beautiful--Cancun was the first tourist development, really the first development of any kind, on Mexico's Caribbean coast, and the government built it here because the beaches are so amazing.

There's even a little variety in the beaches: the barrier island is shaped like the number 7, and the beaches on the top, or north, side face a bay, so the water is very calm and good for swimming. On the long side of the 7, which faces straight out to the Caribbean, the waves are bigger, and you can body-surf a bit... read more »

La Manzanilla, Mexico:
Accommodations & tourist info

Playa del Carmen
With one of the prettiest beaches on the Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen was the hidden gem of Mexico for years and years. About 10 years ago, the word got out and now Playa del Carmen is exploding. If you’re looking for solitude, this isn’t the place with cruise ships and so on packing the place during high season. On the other hand, this is definitely the place if you like a lot of “resort” in your beach vacation.... read more »

Riviera Maya:
Easily accessible from many cities throughout the U.S., the eighty-one mile stretch, known as the Riviera Maya is situated in the Mexican Caribbean on the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Beginning eleven miles south of the Cancun International Airport in Puerto Morelos, the Riviera Maya extends to Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a small town near the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

The region features the tranquility of uncrowded beaches, a vast network of underground rivers, over 100 cenotes or sinkholes, the action of eco-adventure sports including kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving, snorkelling, trekking, bird watching and deep sea fishing, proximity to many of Mexico's most significant Mayan archaeological sites, the varied activities of the eco-archaeological parks, plus golf courses, shopping, gourmet dining and a range of accommodations to suit every lifestyle and more »

Riviera Maya:
Travelers who are looking for a fantastic all-inclusive resort destination that is priced far below most tropical destinations in and around the Caribbean should look into Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This area has fast become a very popular tropical vacation getaway for travelers from around the world. The Riviera Maya is located on the Caribbean side of Mexico and encompasses the stretch of coastline ranging from about 5 miles to 60 miles south of more »

Mexican Coastline

El Cid Resorts Mazatian, Cozumel and Cancun resorts information in English and Espanol.

Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel is a small island just of the coast of Yucatan. It is an ideal place to go scuba diving. It has some of the best underwater scenery in the more »

Cozumel Beaches - Some of the prettiest beaches in the world circle the island of Cozumel. They vary from long, treeless sandy stretches of white sand to isolated coves and rocky shores. There are two sides to the island – the leeward (western) side where the coast is sheltered from storms by the proximity of the mainland and the windward (eastern) side. The beaches on the windward side require a bit more of an effort to reach, but if you make the trip, you’ll be rewarded by some of the most beautiful, serene beaches in the more about Cozumel Beaches

Riviera Maya
While vacationing in Riviera Maya, one ought to visit at least one ecological reserve in the area. The Sian Ka'an biosphere affords the visitor an astonishing view of nature at her finest. It is here that many diverse species of flora and fauna converge into a nature lover's delight. Xcaret EcoPark is both an ecological and archaeological park. Sightseeing is a wonderful cultural indulgence at the ancient Mayan ruins. While most structures are Mayan in origin, there is a Catholic church erected by the Spaniards. Some of the exhibits that can be seen at Xcaret are the Orchid Greenhouse, Butterfly Pavilion, Manatee Lagoon, the Mushroom Farm and Coral Reef Aquarium. You can even swim with bottle-nose more about Riviera Maya Mexico

Los Cabos
Los Cabos is located at the very tip of the Baja peninsula; the name itself means the capes and is comprised of the town of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The arch of Los Cabos, a natural rock formation, marks the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. It is named the Jewel of Baja for many different reasons depending on the eye of the beholder. Several special factors are undeniable: our year round sunny and dry climate, the abundance of golf courses (9 now and more being built), the dramatic geography of the Baja desert creeping into the sea, the wide array of luxury accommodations, spas and restaurants, our world-renowned deep-sea fishing and our reputation as the Marlin capital of the world. I can go on and more about Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas Fishing
If you love fishing, you've probably heard of the amazing opportunities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Even people that aren't impressed by the incredible battles between marlin and man they've no doubt seen on television at one time or another know about the legendary fishing here. If you've never been fishing, it may seem boring as you sit on a boat for hours doing nothing until something bites. Then you just pull it in and you're done. However, this is far from the experience you'll have fishing in these tropical more about Cabo San Lucas Fishing