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 Islands Information

Puerto Rico:

La Isla del Encanto, the Enchanted Island. When you fly into San Juan, make sure you are sitting by the window, all the better to catch a glimpse of the rich variety of the island as you approach. You will see the ancient Spanish fortress of El Morro, jutting out into the Atlantic, still guarding Old San Juan, and serving as a symbol of the island's rich history. You will also see the magnificent coastline, with its white sand beaches and the smaller islands, glittering in the turquoise sea, the modern hotels that rise along the coast, the gleaming glass towers of the Hato Rey banking district and the cool green of the mountains further inland. All of this, and you haven't even landed yet!... To view the entire article visit Distinctive Charter Yachts Click Here

Puerto Rico Convention Bureau

Beach Vacation Villas - Westin Rio Mar Resort - Room rates, day trips, area information links

The Fajardo Inn - If you are taking a relaxing vacation, then The Fajardo Inn is the perfect place to stay.

Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort - Luxury oceanfront villas inside the premises of the Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico

Things to Know:

Puerto Rico is a densely populated island, roughly 100 miles wide by 35 miles. The population is about 3.5 million. Most of the people live on the coast where you will find the major cities. The interior, however, offers the island's greatest natural beauty. It is incessantly hilly, with two major ranges. Two particular buttes reach over 4000 feet high! On the east side, is the most famous peak, El Yunque. And throughout this region you will hear the call of an indigenous tree frog called coquí. Also, on the human side of things, salsa music issues from every crevice on the island, and to promote the music, a unique guitar called the "cuatro" is used.

If you are looking for a place that represents classical Spanish architecture from the colonialization period, then you should come to Old San Juan. The town has been restored and converted to a popular shopping district that attracts even more residents than tourists. You can take a carriage ride or just walk the cobble-stone streets. For those who disembark from the cruise ships, the docks are conveniently adjacent to Old San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s capital city (pop. 1 000 000) the Caribbean’s commercial hub is an intriguing mixture of old and new. Start your tour in charming Old San Juan which is perched atop a hill on a small peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean. (Parking is limited so it’s best to tour the area on foot.) This walled city—seven-square blocks of which are now a designated historic landmark—was founded in 1510. Today it is a showcase for four centuries of architectural treasures and the heart of the island’s unique cultural identity. Great efforts have gone into preserving this part of the city including millions of dollars that were spent prior to 1993 when the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage was celebrated.

Take time to stroll along the narrow cobblestone streets and investigate the pastel-colored buildings restaurants boutiques museums mansions and nightclubs. The Paseo de la Princesa a newly revamped promenade that follows the waterfront and the Paseo de la Muralla which winds along the city walls are particularly romantic. These two beautiful walks are even illuminated at more »

San Juan Puerto Rico
Though it is known as “La Ciudad Amurallada” (the walled city), San Juan can hardly be described as uninviting. The city’s rich history and its status as a busy and ideal port make it an intriguing destination for thousands of tourists each year. From its old Spanish buildings to its stunning beaches, the sights of San Juan are not to be missed.

Located on the Northern coast of the island of Puerto Rico, San Juan is divided into three different areas. Old San Juan is nearly 500 years old and was originally built to serve as a military stronghold. Today, visitors are welcomed to wander the cobblestone streets and marvel at the imposing architecture that now serves as the façade for residences and shops. Guided tours are always available, as the narrow roads and alleyways are best traversed by more