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 Islands Information

Place: Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Rehoboth Beach the Right Way
By Caitlin Moore

You’re pretty excited about your upcoming trip to Rehoboth Beach. There’s something quintessentially “summer” about a beachside town with a boardwalk, especially one with as much going on (in a very laid-back way) as this little slice of Delaware. You’ve asked off work and scheduled a house sitter, but have you chosen the lodging situation that will catapult this vacation into the realm of all-time favorites?

Experience has told you that the place you stay, from the pillow you lay your head upon at night to the windows you gaze from in the morning, has a huge effect on the overall mood and satisfaction level of your vacation. You could be visiting the happiest place on earth, but if you and yours must cram yourselves into a tiny room with inadequate amenities, somehow things take a turn for the worse. If you’d prefer not to have memories of squabbles and temper tantrums taint those of laughter and good-natured bonding, then this is the time to take control of the situation.

As you peruse the different vacation rental offerings, keep in mind the details that are important to your family. Proximity to the beach, town, or both is an attainable goal, as is having enough room to avoid stepping on one another’s toes. If you prefer a bowl of cereal in the morning over leaving the house to hunt down a restaurant, then you’ll love that your vacation rental has a fully equipped kitchen and is located down the street from a grocery store. Stock the pantry with healthy snacks so as to avoid the weight gain and wallet-demanding aspects of your usual out-of-town trips.

Perhaps you’re the kind of family who likes to play games. If this is so, then you’ll be happy to know that Rehoboth Beach is encouraging towards basketball, beach volleyball, mini-golf, and others. Bumper cars and a children’s carnival add to the flurry of activities, and from your town home, all this is a mere three blocks away.

If the night is growing long, however, and everyone feels like staying inside, simply open up the game closet in your humble new abode. Many vacation homes are supplied with board games, video games, movies, and books, small touches that make you forget about every hotel you’ve ever stayed in. After a day of running around in the sun and shopping for souvenirs, a family game of cards and bowl of popcorn will be the ideal, low-key event that will settle everyone down and lead to a peaceful night’s rest.

Sometimes travelers with particular needs worry that a vacation rental won’t be the right choice. This doesn’t have to be the case, as many are outfitted for small children, the elderly, and pets. Don’t bring the new puppy along without checking into your vacation home’s policies, but don’t be surprised if four-legged family members are invited along with the rest.

You’re eager to check out what will be going on at the newly redone Bandstand while you’re here, and you’re simply dying to hit a round of golf at one of the professionally-designed courses in the Rehoboth Beach area. And now, it seems likely that you can count on feeling the comforts of above average accommodations by means of the condo, villa, or beach house of your choice. You were kind of dreading booking a room before, but now you’re looking forward to investigating all the options that choosing to stay in a vacation rental will open up to you.

Go online to start looking for the Rehoboth Beach Vacation Rental that will have you housed in comfort and situated exactly where you want to be. is a good place to book a vacation rental, as they have thousands of listings located all over the world.