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 Islands Information

Place: Seychelles

Island Hopping In The Seychelles   by Lucy Tucker

This article makes the assumption, that island hopping means visiting other islands in The Seychelles for the purpose of staying there. You see it is possible to visit the Sainte-Anne Marine Park on day and half day trips to include the six small islands of Moyenne, Longue, Cerf, Rond and Cachee, to include snorkeling, all from the main island of Mahe.

Sainte Anne is the largest of the six and is the site of the five star Sainte Anne Resort. Ile au Cerf used to be the home of Wilbur Smith, the novelist, and is now a five star resort. Ile Moyenne shelters a double mystery - a pirate treasure and the ghost of an old woman who lived there with her dogs. Ile Longue used to be a quarantine station and is now a prison. Ile Cachee is just a tiny dot in the ocean and Ile Ronde's main attraction is its excellent restaurant, Chez Gaby, set in an old leper's camp!

A little further away is the Seychelles' second-largest island: Praslin, which is 22 miles north-east of Mahé. It is more relaxed than the main island. It has magnificent beaches, which include the secluded Anse Lazio on the north coast, rated one of the finest in the world, and the Côte d'Or further east.

From Praslin, it is a short hop to La Digue, an island small enough to walk around - although most of the locals ride bicycles. Visitors can take tours on ox-carts, or rent bikes, La Digue's beaches are dominated by dramatic rock formations, which divide the sand into small, secluded coves or Anses. Beware the large waves, and the undertow If you want to get away from it all, and stay in some amazing places, then Bird Island is the most northerly island, it is coral, and home permanently to thousands of birds plus 1.5m sooty terns who breed from March to October, the noise has to be heard to believe it. Between October and February there are also turtles laying eggs on the beach. You stay in the simple but comfortable Bird Island Lodge.

If you want to spend a serious amount of money, and be pampered, then let us look at other islands in the Seychelles you can visit for this express purpose.

Firstly on Mahe itself the best hotel in my opinion is the Banyan Tree beautifully situated at Anse Intendance on a secluded beach.

The Lemuria Resort at Anse Kerlan on Praslin is the only place in the Seychelles where you will find an 18 hole golf course.

Even more exclusive are resorts on North Island, and The Private Island of Fregate, and just a little less so is the resort on Desroches Island in The Amirantes Islands, not forgetting The Saint Anne Resort and The Isle au Cerf resort much closer to Mahe.

You must also check out Denis Island, Felicite, and Silhouette, where a new hotel will open soon.

Cousine Island Lodge, Alphonse island Lodge are also worth a very close look, your final decision will be based on the depth of your wallet, but don't try and do them all in one trip, take three, and spend a few nights at each.

About the Author

Lucy Tucker writes a lot on vacation destinations, check out Island Hopping in the Seychelles