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 Islands Information

St. Croix:

Fine beaches, lush forests, historical landmarks, and a touch of Europe make a visit to St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, a journey through land and time. The attitude of this island is fun-loving and welcoming to tourists, so start planning a jaunt in this direction if you feel like sampling the finest features that the Caribbean has to offer.

Eighty two square miles is a lot of ground to cover, so a little investigation into the sights and sounds of St. Croix will better allow you to do and see what you want while you're here, while saving time for plenty of lounging on the beach, of course. History buffs, party animals, and nature lovers will all have several options, so prepare for endless entertainments to punctuate your vacation of more about St. Croix

As the largest of the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix certainly has a lot of terrain to explore and experience. Lush forests make up a large part of the land and although most of the vibrant rainforests are privately owned, you can head over to the western side of the island to access a few acres of public land. Soak in the air that wafts by with the light scent of fruit, listen to the sounds of the mountain doves overhead, and walk along the trials as you view Tibet and mahogany trees. Before you are ready to move on, however, be sure to order a sculpture from one of the local artists who works with these trees so you can have a unique and thoughtful more

A vacation in the Virgin Islands means plenty of sun and sand but for those who want a trip slightly off the beaten path, St. Croix can certainly accommodate your needs. The largest of the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix offers not only a wealth of outdoor activities over its stunning terrain and in its crystal clear waters but also has the privacy not typically found in such a beautiful area. Head to St. Croix for your next more

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