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 Islands Information

Place: Thailand

Thailand And Some Facts About It
By Michael Russell

Thailand, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia. Thailand is more famous for its tourism than any other countries in the same area. Tourists are fascinated by its natural beauty, hundreds of splendid temples and the unforgettable hospitality of Thai people.

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, which is the largest city in Thailand and also owns one of the world's biggest international airports. Thailand has 75 provinces and two special governed districts: one is Bangkok and the other is Pattaya. Thai population is virtually made up by ethnic Thai and Lao and more than 94% of them are Buddhists. Thai people worship Buddha and ancestors and that's what makes the Thai culture. Thai people respect their religion and ancestors so much that it comes into their way of greeting each other: they greet other people with a prayer-like gesture. Thais are very friendly and smiling, that's why this country is also called "the land of smiles". Thai people like talking openly to everyone, including foreigners. Tourists coming to Thailand are always warmly greeted by all Thais, from kids to old people. Even if you don't know much about the Thai language, you can still have a good time interacting with the local residents.

Thailand is a typical tropical country with a hot and humid climate. There are two seasons in a year: the dry and the rainy season. The rainy season is from July to November. It is very inconvenient and uncomfortable to travel in the rainy season. The best time to come to Thailand is from February to March when the weather is the finest and the beaches are the most beautiful.

Thailand has never been colonized. Since its foundation date in 1238, Thailand has been growing and has become one of the most prosperous countries in Asia. The official currency in Thailand is the Baht, which exchanges at about 34 to the US dollar. Nowadays Thailand has a fast growing and open economy which benefits a great deal from the tourism industry. More than 10 million tourists go to Thailand every year, but this number fell sharply after its tsunami disaster at the end of 2004. The most badly affected area is Phuket - one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists, with its glorious beaches. Much advertising effort has been made since, to recover the tourism industry.

Besides tourism, agriculture is also the strength of this country. Thailand has been the leading country in exporting rice for more than a decade. However, the Thai economy and food chain has been stricken once more by the recent avian flu epidemic which has adversely affected poultry farming in the entire area.

In contrast to the beautiful city sights, grand hotels and luxury resorts, a large proportion of the Thai population still live in poverty in suburban areas and ragged villages, although the government is always trying to develop the Thai economy as well as improving the living standard for the poor across the country.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Asia

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