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 Islands Information

U S Virgin Islands:

Head back against the headrest, eyes closed, you see slate gray clouds scudding low on the horizon, the dirty snow on the sidewalk where the snowplow threw it, you can feel the furnace-dry air as it sucks the moisture from your very soul, leaving you with a dry throat and itchy skin. Winter. Will it ever be over? You open your eyes and glance quickly at your watch. Yes, as a matter of fact, winter will be over…in about fifteen minutes or so, when your plane is due to land on St. Thomas. You peer out the window and can see your destination, deep green treasures surrounded by azure blue water. It seems like years since you have seen green leaves and grass. The plane lands and as you step into the warmth, you raise your face to the sun and draw in great breaths of the moist Caribbean air. Ahhh, thank goodness for the charter that you planned months ago. You just didn't know then how good it was going to feel now.... To view the entire article visit Distinctive Charter Yachts Click Here

Also see St. Croix and St. John information above.

US Virgin Islands - Welcome to the Caribbean

America's Caribbean Paradise - The United States Virgin Islands Net Guide Very informative.

US Virgin Islands Online Travel Guide - - Explore St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix and Water Island

Virgin Island Travel Guide Magazine - us virgin islands information and maps ... - Hotels, Jobs, Maps, Travel, Vacations, History, Saint Croix St. Thomas St. John.

Travel Information:
Bob Mc Millen at Tropical Island Vacation - Tropical island vacation guide: romantic getaways, scuba diving trips, cruises, charters, honeymoon holidays.